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Digital technology is transforming economies and societies in profound ways. Improvements in communications have revolutionized the global organization of the production of goods and services. Technology has extended global value chains to link various stages of manufacturing across multiple countries. The ability to buy and sell goods and services online has globalized marketplaces.

This proliferation of information and communication technologies (ICTs) is creating created new opportunities for young people around the world to engage in digital work.

Digital jobs are not only limited to work within the IT industry (e.g. software development, hardware design, networking), but also includes work where ICTs enable workers to find paid work online (e.g. data entry, image categorization, graphic design, office assistance) as well as traditional jobs which have been increasingly enhanced by ICTs (including e-commerce platforms and on-demand services).

Developing countries – especially those facing a youth bulge – must take advantage of the opportunities of digital jobs, while also preparing for the coming effects of technological change. Societies must also take steps to address the gender digital divide, which limits the ability of girls and young women to participate in the digital economy.

But how?

S4YE’s Digital Jobs for Youth: Young Women in the Digital Economy flagship report provides policy and operational recommendations for the design and implementation of digital jobs programs for youth that are inclusive of young women. The report extracts insights from 19 case studies based on past and ongoing employment programs that connect youth—especially young women—with digital job opportunities.

Digital Jobs Case Studies

Please click on the case studies below to learn more about the 19 case studies included in the Digital Jobs report. These case studies are based on past and ongoing employment programs that connect youth—especially young women—with digital job opportunities.




Digital Jobs for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa(KP)

African Centre for Women in Information and Communications Technology (ACWICT)

Compete – Young Professionals Program

Empowering Women through E-Governance

Caribbean Mobile Innovation Project (CMIP)

Digital Divide Data (DDD)

EOHYouth Job Creation Initiative

Girls Who Code


Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator



Maharishi Institute



Training for the Future


Women in Online Work (WoW) Pilot


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Friends of the British Council    









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